Member Services

UPSEFCU is dedicated to simplifying your life by providing the products, tools and services to manage your money anywhere, anytime. These valuable member services save time and money, and you benefit from the convenience in multiple ways.

Direct Deposit 

Our direct deposit services simplify the paycheck-deposit process and save you time and money by eliminating trips to a branch. Your funds are automatically deposited into your UPSEFCU checking or savings account every pay day. It's fast, simple and secure. Activate direct deposit by obtaining the proper paperwork from your employer's HR department. 

Family Membership

Who can join? Membership is available to anyone who works for or retired from United Parcel Service as well as their families.

Kelley Blue Book Printouts

Kelley Blue Book is a trusted source for researching vehicles' values and reviews, and searching for available vehicles in your immediate area. KBB offers various tools to compare vehicles, determine the actual cost to own a specific vehicle, and much more. 

Payroll Deduction

You can allocate a specific amount from your paycheck to automatically pay toward a UPSEFCU loan or deposit into a UPSEFCU savings account. It's a simple way to dedicate funds toward a specific savings goal, or to ensure that your loan payments are always made on time. 

Visa® Debit Cards

UPSEFCU's checking and savings accounts include a free Visa® debit card that you can use for point-of-sale purchases at retailers that accept Visa® and for withdrawing money surcharge-free at ATMs within our vast network of 5,000+ shared branches nationwide. This convenient card is a safe alternative to cash, and all purchases/withdrawals are automatically deducted from your account.